Bee Removal & Relocation

Sometimes honey bees will move into your home, structures on your property, or business. Or, you might find them swarming a tree limb on your property. No need to kill these essential pollinators. Beaufort Bees specializes in the humane removal and relocation of honey bee colonies. 

How It Works


The first step is either a phone call or a site visit to determine if you have honey bees, where exactly the colony is located, and the logistics for your specific situation.


bee flight 3.png


Once a plan is in place, we schedule a date to begin. A typical removal and relocation starts in the morning and is finished the same day.

bee flight 2-web.png

After the colony is removed, we repair the building structure so that it looks the way we found it. We guarantee the affected area will be properly sealed to prevent future infestations. 

bee flight 1-web.png


Once the job is done, we take the bees to our apiary where they are given a new hive and cared for.

Call or text 904-803-4079 to get started.