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Buy Beaufort Bees Honey


Taste the Lowcountry.

Our raw, local honey has flavor properties unique to what the honey bees in the Lowcountry pollinate. There's no flavor like it anywhere else!

Natural Healing.

Raw, local honey helps reduce the length of colds, soothes sore throats, and eases stomach flus because it's naturally antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and contains antioxidants. It's also a natural antiseptic and can help heal wounds, especially burns. 

Raw. Local. Guaranteed.

Raw honey can help with seasonal allergies if it's made from allergens native to your local area. Often honey is sold as "local" but comes from hundreds of miles away. When we say "local," we mean honey harvested in Beaufort County, South Carolina. 

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Wholesale Beaufort Bees honey and honeycomb available for restaurants and businesses.
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