Bee the Change

Do you want to help your local honey bee population and enjoy honey from your backyard without the long-term commitment? Bee the Change is a rent-a-hive beekeeping program designed for you. 

How It Works

Getting Started

We begin by making a site visit to determine placement of the colony, or colonies if you'd like more than one hive. During this time, we will discuss any questions or concerns you may have while picking out the most suitable location for the bees.

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Monthly Visits

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Hive Installation

The next step is to schedule a time for us to come install an active honey bee hive at the chosen site on your property. 

After installation is complete, we will come by once a month to check on the colony. These visits typically last 30-60 minutes, during which we'll take notes on your colony to provide you. If available and interested in learning about the bees, this is a great time for you to join us. We supply suits and all the tools necessary to safely interact with the colony. 

Honey Harvest

At the end of the season, we'll harvest the honey from your hive for you to enjoy. Keep in mind, the nature of honey bees is wild -- if your colony doesn't produce enough honey, we'll provide you with raw, local honey instead. Honey guaranteed!

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The Bee the Change program cost includes:

  • Site visit and expert assessment

  • Active honey bee hive

  • Hive installation

  • Monthly visits to monitor the health of the colony and provide you with an opportunity for personalized, hands-on education about honey bees and beekeeping

  • Safety suits and beekeeping tools provided during visits 

  • Reports on your honey bee colony

  • Honey harvested and bottled for you 

Call or text 904-803-4079 to inquire.